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150 s 150 m 160 s 160 m
170 s 170 m

» Detailed measurements may be inconsistent depending upon measuring angles and/or methods.
» Product's color can be shown different depending on the resolution and/or angle of the monitor.
» The colors are more accurate in the detailed cuts than the model cuts.
» All sizes are measured by cross sections of each product.

Size : 150 s, 150 m, 160 s, 160 m, 170 s, 170 m

Color :


Weight : 170g

Fabric : Polyester 85%(General), Polyurethane 15%(General)

Elasticity None Elastic Very Elastic
Opacity Opaque Not opaque
Thickness Thin Regular Thick
Lining No Yes
Tightness Tight Regular Loose
Softness Soft Regular Rough
Set Product No Yes