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» Detailed measurements may be inconsistent depending upon measuring angles and/or methods.
» Product's color can be shown different depending on the resolution and/or angle of the monitor.
» The colors are more accurate in the detailed cuts than the model cuts.
» All sizes are measured by cross sections of each product.

Size : one

Color :

Light Beige

Dark Beige

Model's fit : one

Weight : 612g

Fabric : Polyester 73%(General), Rayon 25%(General), Spandex 5%(General)

Elasticity None Elastic Very Elastic
Opacity Opaque Not opaque
Thickness Thin Regular Thick
Lining No Yes
Tightness Tight Regular Loose
Softness Soft Regular Rough
Shoulder Pad No Yes
Set Product No Yes
Hood Removable Unremovable
Hood fur Removable Unremovable